The annual youth writing contest to promote Braille literacy, sponsored by the NFB Writers’ Division, is open January 1st to April 1st.

NEW THIS YEAR: 2015 being the Federation’s 75th birthday, the contest will for the first time ever, have a required theme. All submissions will need to somehow incorporate the theme of 75. It does not have to be necessarily about the anniversary of NFB. It could just be the number 75, or perhaps the diamond anniversary, or 75 steps to your destination, or even 75 balloons. Thinking of past entries, 75 aliens would work. Seriously, let your imagination take over. Write the piece you want, just remember to include the theme of 75; this is inspired by the 75 years of the great work that has been happening within, and because of the National Federation of the Blind.

There are six categories, as follows: Elementary Fiction and Poetry; Middle School Fiction and Poetry; High School Fiction and Poetry.

There may be up to three prize winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and one or more receiving honorable mention. Additionally, a prize winning entry may be published within the Writers’ Division’s magazine, Slate & Style. Finally, each winning piece will be included in our yearly anthology of winners, with all entrants receiving an electronic copy.

All contest winners will be announced during the first week of July, at the Writers’ Division’s business meeting, during the NFB national convention to be held in Orlando, Florida; the winners will also appear on this website.


*Youth contest winners will receive $30 for 1st place, $20 for 2nd place, and $10 for 3rd place.
*If a contest winning piece is chosen to be published within Slate & Style, the author will receive complimentary electronic copies of the issue in which their work appears.


*This is a contest for students who use Braille.
*Entries must be submitted in hand embossed Braille, either with a slate and stylus or on a Braille writer.
*No computer Braille entries will be considered.
*Submissions must be brailed by the entrant.
*All submissions, no matter your grade level, must be in contracted Braille, unless, you have yet to learn the full system. Let us know which you are, either- I’m studying contracted Braille. Or, I know contracted Braille.
*Each entrant must provide an identical electronic copy of the cover letter and story or poetry, as a Microsoft Word file [doc] or as a Rich Text Format [rtf] file).
*Attach the electronic copies to an email and send them to- newmanrl@cox.net
*Send your hardcopy Braille and cover letter to:

Come back later to find the mailing address for the 2016 contest.


Entries must be accompanied by a cover letter containing entrant's information: Name, address, phone, e-mail, title of the entry, school and grade of entrant.


*We will consider only unpublished original entries.
*Youth short fiction stories submissions cannot be more than 1,000 words, and poetry of no more than 50 lines.
*Authors of either poetry or fiction are encouraged to submit multiple pieces.


Are you the best brailler in the contest? Be sure to double check your work. Remember to use braille paper so the braille is easy to read. Good luck!

*If you have questions, use this link to contact EvaMarie Sanchez, president of the Writers’ Division.

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