EvaMarie Sanchez, President

Originally from Northern California, EvaMarie Sanchez has lived too long in the cold winters of Eastern Idaho. Recently, she moved to the Red Rocks of Northern Arizona hoping to start a new chapter with her guide dog.

Sanchez has had many chapters in her life, but Being a member of the board of directors of the writers division and a writer of fiction and poetry, this may be the most well written chapter yet.

“As a licensed social worker and an artist who loves animals of all kinds, it is anyone’s guess what the next chapter will be titled,” says Sanchez.

Chelsea Cook, First VP

As a physics major at Virginia Tech, Chelsea Cook has made her home in the mountains for now. She left the sea and headed for the hills, trading the continuous jet roar overhead for a crisp morning and a town where the nearest mall is twenty minutes away.

“college has been everything I hoped for, and I'm sure it will only get better as I move deeper into the academic cavern, hoping to find treasure and being guided by the best,” Cook says.

Cook writes science fiction and is attempting to bring a wider awareness of the genre to her fellow classmates. Her novels have yet to be published, but it's a great start on getting science fiction into her university. Her poetry has been circulated online, in small journals and in issues of Slate and Style.

Myrna Dupre' Badgerow, Second V P

Myrna Dupre' Badgerow makes her home in the bayou country of southern Louisiana. She enjoys writing, reading, helping young writers, and spending time with family, which includes three grown children and seven grandchildren.

She began writing seriously in 2000 and has since been nominated for the 2008 Pushcart Award by the editors of Mississippi Crow magazine, named 2004's Poet of the Year at The Writing Forum, and also has a credit as lyricist on a CD released by the band Against the Wall.

Katie Colton, Secretary

Colton currently attends the University of Utah. She is a science student, but enjoys playwrighting .

“My plays are typically about issues that many people might be able to identify with. Most of the themes are about acceptance, tolerance, coming to terms with specific issues, or some combination of sensitive issues with expressing who people are,” Colton says.

Colton compares her plays to the style of Tennessee Williams. Her plays are character driven and emphasize scenic description. She has yet to publish a play, but she intends to share her plays with the Division in an attempt to receive feedback. She hopes that with her experience as a playwright, she could be helpful to other members of the Writers’ Division.

Shawn Jacobson, Treasurer

Robert Gardner, Board Member

Shelley Alongi, Board Member

Kinston Walker, Board Member

Lori Letham, Board Member

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