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    2018 will be our 38th year for the NFB Writers' division's writing contest for youth and adults. It will open for submissions January 1st and close April 1st.

    Below are important links to guidelines for current contests, how to pay contest fees, and lists of past winners, and in some cases anthology's of their entries.

    The guidelines for our 2018 writing contests will be available closer to the end of this calendar year; there may be some changes from this year's instructions. There again, the basics would not change much, so use the following document to guide you to your future submissions... below are the 2017 guidelines to look at.

    Paying for your submissions to our contest:

    Note: As stated in the guidelines, only the adult contest requires a fee to enter; the youth contest is free. Carefully read the guidelines for the contest you are entering.

    There are two options for paying contest fees:
    #1 PayPal is a very convenient and safe method, and there is a PayPal button below that you can use. It allows for two kinds of payment options--Pay by a credit card, or by means of a PayPal account.
    #2 As outlined in the adult guidelines, it is acceptable to send a check or money order. Consult the guidelines for further instructions.

    Paying by PayPal:

    Note: The button is a donation button and it will do what we need. First, after reading the guidelines, and you know how much you are needing to pay, Hit on the button and enter the total you owe. Second, choose your method for payment, either credit card or PayPal account. Third, in the form for instructions to the seller, tell us what your payment is covering. Example: one fiction story, or two non-fiction stories, or nine poems, etc. Finally send the payment on its way. PayPal will then send us an email of your transaction, outlining your payment.

    Archive of Past contest winners

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