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BIO for Jamie R. Allison: I am 42 years old and have been blind since birth. I discovered the fun of creative writing when I was still in elementary school and have been writing on and off, sometimes more seriously, sometimes less, ever since.

I have a BA in art education and a MA in arts administration. I also hold dual teacher certifications in my state for visual arts and as a TVI. I taught in the classroom setting at a school for the blind for fifteen years. I have had and have developed several significant health concerns, some from the condition that also caused my blindness, and some that have developed on their own. Because of this, being in the classroom full-time is no longer a good fit. I retired from the classroom in 2013, but continue to volunteer my time at the school as well as to work on my art and writing.

I am an active member of the NFB at national, state, and local levels. I am a chapter president, sponsor of a junior NFB chapter, a state board member, and also the lead instructor for our state's NFB BELL Academy. I have also privately tutored students in Braille at the request of a parent. I have other hobbies and interests including music, playing drums and other percussion instruments, and singing. I enjoy accessible card and board games. I also play goalball and like to exercise.

The types of writing that I tend to concentrate on are childrens' and young adult fiction, poetry, and personal reflections or essays. However, I am interested in learning to write motivational narratives or Bible-centered devotionals for a Christian audience. I am quite interested in getting more of my writing published and this includes a few full-length novels for children and young adults.

Here is a link to an article of mine which was published in the Braille Monitor.
Also a second article published in Future Reflections.

Finally I actively participate in the NFB Writers' Division Annual Writing Contest and have had three winning entries: a children's fiction entry in 2014, and two poems in 2016.

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