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Thea was born and bred in the valley town of Merthyr Tydfil, England. She had three children by the age of 20, and entered university when the children were older, gaining a degree in Psychology, a masters in Women's Studies and a Diploma in Psychotherapy.

Thea was a Psychology and Counselling Lecturer for 30 years, before retiring early due to an eye condition which causes blindness. Despite her failing vision, encouragement from an online writing forum, she set about fullfilling a lifelong dream of producing a biography of her grandfather, called The French Letter King; published in May 2014. Though, prior to her blindness, her first book, No Refuge, a psychological fiction based around domestic abuse and sexual deviance, was published in December 2013. A second book, Rapture Recaptured, was published by SirenBookStrand in April 2014, followed by Sensuous Secrets. Thea has other books in the pipeline, including a series of psychological crime mysteries, the first of which was released on November 22nd, 2014. Thea is determined to write and publish books for as long as possible.

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  • Kith and Kill: A Psychological Crime Mystery Thriller. It is the first in a series featuring Criminal Psychologist Resa James.

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  • The French Letter King: Tommy Horton moves to MERTHYR from Sengynudd in 1900 in order to find fame and fortune. He is a young man of 19 full of confidence, and the gift of the gab. He starts up a business selling fruit and vegetables from a barrow, but soon expands his empire to end up starting the first condom factory in Great Britain. Between Barrow Boy to French Letter King, he was a Loan lender, Pawn Broker, Scrap merchant, spent time in jail, and bought a football club. This is the story of his colourful life and the love/hate relationship between him and his only son, Ronnie.

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  • Sensuous Secrets: Anna, single, sixty and retired feels that she has nothing left in life. She has had plenty of love affairs, one with a married man, in the past, but now is alone. Then she meets Mike, a widower who has returned to Wales from America. He is 64, four years her senior. Unexpectedly they fall madly in love and embark on a passionate, sexy relationship. However, Mike has a very disapproving sixteen year old daughter, who goes all she can to split them up...temporarily succeeding. Anna however, helps Mikes daughter when she is in need of someone to talk to and the relationship flourishes Once more ....until secrets from the past turn up in an unexpected incident and Mike ends their engagement, leaving Anna heart broken. Will Mike be able to forgive Anna? Can the past ever be forgotten?

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  • Rapture Recaptured: A sexy, sensual book about a couple who meet later in life. They feel an excitement they haven't experienced in years, and fall deeply in love. However, a traumatic event separates the lovers.

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  • No Refuge: A Psychological Fiction based around Domestic abuse and sexual deviance.

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